Thursday, 26 April 2018

Poetry Day Ireland - Mixtape Vol. 2

I'm super excited to be reading my poem "Turf" for Lagan Online & Poetry NI's Mix Tape Vol 2, in company with some really fantastic poets.

This is an audio compilation for Poetry Day Ireland 2018 and is available free online.

I had a hard time deciding which was my favourite, so I suggest you make yourself a cup of tea and click below to have a listen for yourself...

Sunday, 15 April 2018


If, every day, I could write 

But a handful of words,

Honestly and impulsively;

I would have a map-

Etched and scrawled 

Across the years in ink;

Black as tarmac, blue as rivers, red as blood.

A map for when I am old,

To help me trace

The roads I have travelled.

To give a glimpse

Of the places I cannot revisit,

Of all these moments lost in time.